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10 Things to Do with Kids in the Winter

The ongoing struggle, right? You’ve got kids, the weather isn’t the greatest, but boy do they have some energy! What to do? That’s not too expensive? Without spending forever in the car??? We’re here to help. Today’s post will share all the fun things to do in Knoxville with kids - bookmark and…

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Christmas at the Historic Homes of Knoxville

Knoxville is very proud of its seven Historic House Museums, and they all have many opportunities to learn about life in this region from various eras. The holiday season is especially festive with open houses and other events. Let’s get to it to see what each of these homes have to offer during the…

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10 Things to Know About Market Square

Historic Market Square is the heart of downtown Knoxville. It’s a must-do for any visitor to our city, and we’re happy to tell you why! But you can’t know the present if you don’t know the past, so we’ll start with a brief history lesson to get your bearings. 1. Market Square History The history of…

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Big Ears Festival - Why Knoxville?

The Comet is Coming by Fabrice Bourgelle courtesy Big Ears Why do people come to Knoxville from all 50 states and nearly two dozen countries – traveling hundreds, even thousands of miles – filling our downtown hotels, restaurants, shops, bars, sidewalks and venues for four days or more – to attend…

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Guide to Zoo Knoxville

Zoo Knoxville is one of the premiere zoological experiences in the southeast committed to sharing 'wildly fun' experiences that educate and inspire. By visiting Zoo Knoxville, you are supporting the Zoo’s mission to save wildlife and wild places. The Zoo features acres of creative habitats for…

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How to Do a UT Campus Visit

Doing a campus visit can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The College Board recommends spring of junior year as a good time to start visiting campuses (after doing research to narrow down options). Consider visiting for spring break to explore the University of Tennessee, and you’ll be…

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