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Complete the fields below in order to have your event listed on our online calendar. Please note: Your event will not automatically be added to the calendar once you click "Submit My Event" at the bottom of the form. It will first go through an approval process to make sure it contains all the information needed to be added and meets our guidelines. You will be notified if your event can not be approved. Please be sure to check the Calendar of Events to make sure your event is not already listed. You can use the search tool at the top right of the page to find if your event is on our website.  

Event Submission Instructions

Event Submission Guidelines



  • Be sure to read the Event Submission Instructions and Guidelines before posting your event.
  • We frequently add events to our calendar. Before submitting an event please check to see if it is already listed on the calendar.  You can do a keyword search for your event  in the search box above (click on the magnifying glass).
  • Our events calendar is meant for Knoxville events only. If you have an event outside of Knoxville please know it will not be approved or accepted. If you feel your event still relates to Knoxville please include the reason why in the comment section.
  • Events go through an approval process and will normally be approved within a 48 hour period Monday - Friday.
  • A full valid website URL (copy and paste from address bar) MUST be included so visitors can get more information about your event or purchase tickets.


  • Image criteria:
    All images must be submitted as a high resolution horizontal photo in JPG format that does NOT have any text or logos. Photos with text or logos will not be approved and you will be asked to resubmit your event form.  The reason we ask for no images with text or logos is that they do not crop or display well on the website and does not create a good user experience for our visitor. 
  • Image dimensions:
    Images display at various sizes throughout the website. Images may be cropped depending on the size submitted. Please submit a high quality horizontal image (no square or vertical images) at 1000 pixels wide or larger saved in a JPG format.