About Visit Knoxville Film Office





The mission of the Visit Knoxville Film Office is to strengthen Knoxville’s economy through the promotion of the city as a premiere filming location. By attracting motion media companies to Knoxville through the marketing of our locations, accommodations, services, crew, and talent, we can foster the creation of jobs in the area, stimulate business opportunities and generate exposure. The VK Film Office mediates the permitting process between federal, state, and local agencies and the film industry.


Knoxville has just what you need to make your project a success. We have experienced crew, production houses, post facilities, talented actors, and a community that strongly supports the arts. Our area is one of the top producers of television programming in the country, with companies like Discovery (National Operations HQ), Jupiter Entertainment, Rivr Media, NorthSouth Productions, Lusid Media and more calling Knoxville home. Knoxville is also home to one of the largest theater chains in the world with Regal Cinemas.