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A stay in Knoxville begins with… well, a place to stay! Everyone loves the amenities of a nice hotel (and Knoxville has a wonderful selection), but sometimes all you're looking for is a secluded cabin or a convenient rental home. If that's the case, you're in the right place. With the help of vacation rental resources like VRBO and Airbnb, you'll find the best option for your Knoxville getaway, work trip or family visit. 

On VRBO, homeowners advertise property listings to renters and make sure you have everything you need to make your stay a comfortable one. Jump over to VRBO and find a place to stay in Knoxville that's perfect for you and yours.

Airbnb is another option for rental properties and spare rooms for you to stay in while enjoying the area. Narrow down your options by price, amenities, location, and more. When you're searching for a place to stay in Knoxville, you'll find unique properties with loads of charm (and even a castle). Plan your getaway to Knoxville with a little help from the locals and property owners that know our city best. To get you started, check out our popular spots and neighborhoods below!

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