Knoxville: A Proudly LGBTQIA+ Friendly City!

Knoxville is a vibrant city that takes pride in its LGBTQIA+ friendly atmosphere. As you walk around downtown Knoxville, you'll notice that almost every business has an equality sticker or flag in the window, showcasing the city's commitment to inclusivity. The LGBTQIA+ community in Knoxville is active and engaged, and newcomers are often pleasantly surprised by the warm reception they receive. With a large and welcoming queer community, Knoxville is a place where you can feel safe and supported.

Knoxville is also home to several large non-profit pride events throughout the year, such as Knox Pride and SoKno Pride. These events celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity, and bring the LGBTQIA+ community together with festivities, activism, and support. 

In addition, Knoxville is home to many businesses that consider themselves safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community like SouthPress Coffee. These businesses actively support LGBTQIA+ rights and create a welcoming environment for all individuals to express themselves freely.

Moreover, Knoxville offers a variety of resources for the LGBTQIA+ community, like community centers, support groups, and social and sports clubs. There are numerous resources available in our city. For instance, the Appalachian Equality Chorus is a community-based chorus that advocates for LGBTQIA+ equality through the power of music. The chorus performs throughout the city, spreading messages of inclusivity and acceptance.

In the heart of Appalachia, Knoxville is a city that embraces and celebrates its LGBTQIA+ community. With its LGBTQ-friendly businesses, active queer community, and available resources, Knoxville is a safe and supportive destination for LGBTQIA+ individuals to live, work, and visit. Come experience the warmth and inclusivity of Knoxville, where everyone is welcome and respected.

Knox Pride 
Knox Pride is a well-known organization in Knoxville that hosts the annual Knox Pride Festival, one of the largest Pride events in the south, a celebration of music, entertainment, and speakers focused on promoting equality and inclusion for all. In addition, the festival provides a platform for vendors to share information about their organizations or businesses, sell items, and interact with the LGBTQIA+ and ally community in Knoxville and surrounding areas. Knox Pride also hosts other events throughout the year, such as a silent ArtOut auction, a Next-2-Nothing fashion show, and a pride picnic, among others. As an organization, Knox Pride is committed to fulfilling its mission of promoting equality, inclusivity, and representation for the LGBTQIA+ community in Knoxville and beyond.

SoKno Pride
SoKno Pride is an annual event in Knoxville, Tennessee, with a mission to offer safe spaces for historically marginalized individuals to come together and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. Since its inception in 2021, SoKno Pride has grown into a beloved neighborhood festival that brings the community together in support of LGBTQIA+ inclusivity. Held on Sevier Avenue, the event features nearly 100 vendors, dozens of performers, and activities suitable for all ages, making it a family-friendly celebration. In 2022, SoKno Pride was officially established as a charitable organization (501c3), and its profits are donated to non-profit organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community and promote racial equality. Emphasizing inclusivity, SoKno Pride provides a child-friendly zone with hands-on, nature-based activities hosted by various groups, making it a welcoming event for everyone to join in the celebration of diversity and equality.

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