Photo / Video Terms & Conditions

By responding “YesKnoxRocks” to asset requests when prompted, you agree to the terms and conditions described below. The purpose of this request is to use photograph(s) and/or video(s) to promote visitation to the Knoxville area. By accepting these terms and conditions, you are hereby affirming that you are the copyright holder of the photograph(s) and that your release of the photograph(s) is voluntary, and that you acknowledge you will receive no financial compensation from the Knoxville Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereby referred to as “Visit Knoxville”), its contractors or its employees for use of the photograph(s) to promote Visit Knoxville and its attractions.

You further agree that inclusion of your photograph(s) or video(s) in any, but not limited to, publications, websites, videos, advertisements, or social media produced by Visit Knoxville confers upon you no rights of ownership whatsoever. You release Visit Knoxville, its contractors and its employees from liability for any claims by you or any third party in connection with your participation. Visit Knoxville will not sell released photos to third parties.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you are assigning Visit Knoxville the right to royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual use of photos in any future, including but not limited to, publication, advertisement or promotion, whether in print, video, or digital format as Visit Knoxville sees fit. Visit Knoxville may request a high-resolution, or original, version of the requested photograph. In providing the photograph(s), you agree to these same terms and conditions. Send your image.

Thank you for helping us show others just how much knoxrocks!