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New in Knoxville

Psst…Did You Miss These Openings? Keeping track of what’s new in the world of restaurants, shops, and attractions is a near impossible task, especially if you haven’t visited Knoxville in while. This post highlights just a few of this year’s openings throughout the county that you might have missed…

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Top 10 Mac & Cheese in Knoxville

The Brass Pearl - This Market Square seafood restaurant and oyster bar offers an elevated version of this down-home comfort food with their lobster mac and cheese. The little cups created by orecchiette pasta hold chunks of butter poached lobster and Tillamook cheddar and smoked gouda cheeses…

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Top 10 French Fries in Knoxville

July 13 th is National French Fry Day, and if you are celebrating this golden event in Knoxville, we’ve piled high ten great places to fill that savory, salty craving. Penne for Your Thoughts - This favorite food truck at the Central Filling Station - Tennessee's first full-service food truck park -…

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Top Hot Dogs in Knoxville

This post is really just an excuse to say the phrase “hot dog blog” – enjoy! Starting with an obvious choice with hot dog in the name, Curious Dog is a must in the Old City. With over 30 options, there’s no way you won’t find a dog to fall for here. The classic Curious Dog is topped with potato…

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Top Biscuits in Knoxville

What type of blog would this be if we didn’t tell you where to get the best buttermilk biscuits in town? We’re in the south after all, so we needed to remedy this situation stat! Read on for some faves: 1. Matt Robb’s Biscuits & Brew With a place that has “biscuit” in the name, you know it’s…

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Where to Find Sourdough Bread in Knoxville

Another random ‘National Day’, April 1 is National Sourdough Bread Day – and that’s no joke! Here’s 5 places where you can find some carby goodness in Knoxville: Flour Head Bakery Flour Head is a small locally owned artisan bakery serving Knoxville and the surrounding area, baking with 100%…

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