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Meet Zoo Knoxville’s Newest Residents!

In honor of Endangered Species Day, meet Zoo Knoxville’s Newest Residents! Six new residents joined Zoo Knoxville in 2022, representing two species currently on the critically endangered list, a species heading towards the endangered list and a species that has been removed from the endangered…

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Best Outdoor Adventures to Do with Your Teenager

If you are trying to get your teenager outside for once, here are some local recommendations that will give teens exactly what they want in an outdoor adventure. We chose fun, local activities that provide instant gratification, great photo opportunities and sleeping late! Nighttime can be the right…

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10 Spring Things to Do with Kids

Whether you’re planning a Knoxville spring break trip or looking a little bit later in the season, we’ve got a handy list of ideas on things to do in the spring with your kids. Read on! Let’s start with Knoxville’s iconic structure – the magnificent Sunsphere! Recently reopened, the Sunsphere…

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10 Fall Things to Do with Kids in Knoxville

Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Every season in Knoxville is truly unique, but when summer comes to a close, you’ll find all kinds of reasons to fall in love with this artful, adventuresome city. If you’re longing for breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains, from a spot that feels like home……

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Waterfalls Near Knoxville

The greater Knoxville area has several waterfalls that make the perfect daytrip. We’re here to tell you how to make it happen with Knoxville as “home…

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