Gotta Know Knoxville

Gotta Know Knoxville provides area hotel, restaurant, and local attractions employees with the opportunity to join a two-hour walking tour learning about history, attractions, venues, and retail outlets in the Knoxville area. Visit Knoxville also encourages others who work and live in our area to attend this program, thus helping to create a community of ambassadors for Knoxville!

Attendees will spend two hours walking the downtown footprint of Knoxville. The program is presented one day each month (a morning and afternoon session) from April through October and has a maximum of 20 participants. Private classes are also available upon request.

Gotta Know Knoxville is FREE for Knoxville hospitality partners (hotels, restaurants, and attractions) and for active Team Knoxville Volunteers (volunteered with us in the past 6 months). An individual in these groups may attend once per year.

For non-hospitality partners, the cost is $20 per person. Please bring generated ticket on the day of the event. If you are unsure whether you are a hospitality partner or non-hospitality partner, please contact Visitor Services at