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Cindy Hassil - Blog author
Cindy Hassil

Cindy Hassil has held the position of development director at Ijams Nature Center since April 2016. A lifelong nature lover, she grew up attending Girl Scout Camp Tanasi in Norris, hanging in the neighbors’ trees and searching for geodes, a trusty copy of Ranger Rick by her side. She brings more than 25 years’ experience in communications, public relations and fundraising to her position at Ijams, and her favorite thing to do at Ijams is hang out with kids during Nature Adventure Day Camp and field trips because they have the most fun.

New Nature Playscape at Ijams Nature Center

When is a fallen tree not a tree? When it’s a treehouse. Or a boat. Or a tightrope! With the opening of the new Ijams Nature Playscape at Grayson Subaru Preserve, children will be able to let their imaginations run wild, in the wild. Students in the Tuesday/Thursday class of the Ijams Nature Play…

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