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Legacy Parks Foundation
Legacy Parks

Legacy Parks Foundation is an East Tennessee nonprofit organization working to ensure that our community enjoys exceptional recreational opportunities, natural beauty and open spaces, and that these assets exist for generations to come. We work collaboratively to preserve our area’s extraordinary natural resources and to expand parks, create trails, and increase access to our rivers. Since 2007, Legacy Parks has raised over six million dollars for parks and open space, helped conserve 1,000 acres of forest and farmland, and added over 600 acres of parkland in Knox County.

Guide to Birding in Knoxville

Knoxville is a birding town! You may not know it, but there are over 12 different 'birding hotspots' identified by the TN Ornithological Society, all in and around Knoxville! The diverse ecosystems of our region offer ample opportunities to spot new bird species. Our home is a stopping point along…

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Christmas Lights in Knoxville’s Parks

Lots of places to see Christmas lights this season, and where better than Knoxville’s many parks? Check out a few picks across the county! Krutch Park Krutch Park is a small but lively park in the middle of Downtown Knoxville. During the holiday season, it is home to the City of Knoxville’s…

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Thanksgiving Activities Outdoors

Here are some outdoor activities to help you Get Out and Play with family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday festivities. What better way to celebrate being grateful than to go appreciate the beautiful outdoors? Regal Knoxville Turkey Trot 5k + Little Gobbler Kids Run Join the Knoxville…

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Spooky Hiking Adventures

Ghost House Loop Trail Visit the beautiful Big Ridge State Park to explore some local history during spooky season. The Ghost House Loop Trail is a 1.2-mile easy-to-moderate loop hike which begins near the group campsite and takes you deep into the history of this area's pre-1930s inhabitants…

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Top Parks for Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax your body and mind and it offers many health benefits. Yoga improves your flexibility, improves mental health, increases strength and much more. Better yet, practicing yoga outside offers extra benefits: The natural scenery heightens your awareness and concentration…

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Hiking for Small Kids

Hiking can be fun for the whole family! Here are four great hikes to get your child out on the trails. We picked easy hikes with fun trail elements to keep your little ones engaged. Ijams Nature Center Ijams has several great trails without too much elevation gain and educational signage to teach…

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Places to Hammock in Knoxville

Hammocking is a great way to enjoy the breeze and relax outside! We chose the best local parks for finding the perfect hammock spot, but there are a few things to know before you go. When setting up your hammock: do not trample sensitive vegetation, choose a healthy tree with no dead branches, and…

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100 miles of Knoxville Trails and Greenwaysboth

Where else to Celebrate National Trails Day, but on one of Knoxville’s more than 100 miles of trails and greenways! With Knoxville’s rugged ridges, wandering waterways and rolling farmland, there are a variety of trails to suit adventurers of all levels. Top 3 Destinations for Flat and Casual Hikes…

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Best Outdoor Adventures to Do with Your Teenager

If you are trying to get your teenager outside for once, here are some local recommendations that will give teens exactly what they want in an outdoor adventure. We chose fun, local activities that provide instant gratification, great photo opportunities and sleeping late! Nighttime can be the right…

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