Yoga is a great way to relax your body and mind and it offers many health benefits. Yoga improves your flexibility, improves mental health, increases strength and much more. Better yet, practicing yoga outside offers extra benefits:

  • The natural scenery heightens your awareness and concentration
  • Challenges and improves your Balance (Try doing Half Moon pose on the grass and see how different it feels from an indoor practice!)
  • Increases Vitamin D intake
  • Being barefoot outside and making contact with the Earth is good for your health. Just being around trees and in nature has many health benefits.
  • Plus, there’s more space to execute your poses 

These are just a few of the benefits I have noticed over the years so grab your mat and head to one of our beautiful parks here in town! There are so many wonderful parks in our city, including some of my favorites on the Tennessee River with beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains.

Top 5 Knoxville Parks for Outdoor Yoga:

Lakeshore Park

5930 Lyons View Pike 

This sprawling park offers many open spaces to practice. The HGTV Overlook area offers panoramic views of the park and the Tennessee River for a Full Moon practice.

Sequoyah Park

1400 Cherokee Blvd

Right on the water, this park offers lots of space with the Tennessee River as your backdrop.

Worlds Fair Park

525 Henley Street

Right in the center of downtown, practice next to the iconic Sunsphere.

Suttree Landing Park

1001 Waterfront Drive

This south Knoxville park is a favorite for yoga – after practice, take your kayak or SUP out on the river.

Concord Park 

10960 Concord Park Drive

Concord Park offers beautiful scenery with a dog park so bring Fido to your Yoga flow  


Heather Hutcheson is the co-founder of Stardust Yoga Retreats here in Knoxville, Tennessee.  She has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years. “I have done yoga all over the World but there is nothing like getting on my mat at one of our amazing parks here in Knoxville!” For more information on Yoga & Adventure Retreats visit