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Guide to Knoxville Gardens

  • 7 minute read

Knoxville is full of outdoor opportunities, from hiking House Mountain to mountain biking in Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness. But sometimes you might want to dial it down a notch or two on the…

10 Spring Things to Do with Kids

  • 6 minute read

Whether you’re planning a Knoxville spring break trip or looking a little bit later in the season, we’ve got a handy list of ideas on things to do in the spring with your kids. Read on!…

10 Things Only in Knoxville

  • 7 minute read

Every city has things that you can only do in that town. You can only see the US Capitol in Washington DC. You can only try moose cheese from one farm in Sweden. And there are several things you can…

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865 Candle Co. and Wildtree Lane

  • 8 minute read

The Maker City monthly blog takes a look at locations where makers are found in The Maker City and features some of Knoxville area’s outstanding makers – artists, crafters and so much…

Roadtrip to Knoxville

  • 7 minute read

If you’re looking for a Tennessee road trip, you came to the right place! Knoxville sits at the crossroads of I-75 and I-40, meaning it makes either a great destination on a road trip, or the…

Unusual Stories Behind Eight Historic Statues

  • 15 minute read

There was a time when Knoxville seemed statue-shy—half a century ago, Knoxvillians could count their notable public statues on the fingers of one hand—but today there are striking…

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