1. Squash those FOMO (fear of missing out) feelings! Year round, Knoxville’s event calendar is full of activities everyone will enjoy; from annual festivals like Bike Boat Brew & Bark to concerts and live music throughout the city. Following Visit Knoxville on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest will keep you from missing out on all of the city's great events and happenings. Pay special attention to Instagram/Facebook stories - lots of events are shared there, and they go away within 24 hours so keep an eye out!

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4. Vacation like a local! Eat, drink and be merry at the places the locals love - what better way to do so than in Knoxville’s different neighborhoods (SoKno, Broadway and NoKno, Happy Holler Historic District, Fountain CityEast Knoxville and Farragut, to name a few)? Each one has something guaranteed to make your Knoxville vacation feel like home away from home. Create your custom Knoxville vacation board with our Pinterest pins

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We hope this list helps you connect with us more through social media, so you can plan and enjoy your best Knoxville vacation!


This post was written and compiled by Taylor Hastings, Marketing Team Spring 2022 Intern