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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor - won't you visit our neighborhoods here in Knoxville? Each area of Knoxville has something unique, fun and delicious to make your Tennessee Vacation something that will make you feel like one of the family!


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The SoKno (South Knoxville) neighborhood is the area of Knoxville which lies south of the Tennessee River. Residents and businesses in this area share the 37920 zip code. South Knoxville connects to downtown by four vehicle bridges: the Gay Street Bridge, the Henley Bridge, the James C. Ford Memorial Bridge, and the J. E. "Buck" Karnes Bridge. 


UT Campus/Cumberland

The UT Campus neighborhood which is located off Cumberland Avenue (also known by locals and students as The Strip) is a popular area for students and young adults. Recently, Cumberland Avenue underwent a massive aesthetic update known as the Cumberland Avenue Corridor Project.


The North Knoxville Historic District (NoKno) covers 324 acres and uses the zip code 37917. It is located just off Broadway (part of U.S. Route 441), about halfway between downtown Knoxville to the south and Sharp's Ridge to the north.


Happy Holler Historic District

"The Happy Holler" is a neighborhood in North Knoxville about half a mile northwest of downtown generally associated with the communities and business along North Central Ave. between the intersections of N. Broadway St. and Woodland Ave. The Holler supposedly got it's name from a time when it was mostly known for its numerous bars and honky tonks and resulting reputation for being a wild and even dangerous part of town. 


Fountain City

Fountain City is the neighborhood in northern Knoxville and shares two zip codes, 37918 and 37912. It is located approximately 6 miles from downtown.


East Knoxville

East Knoxville is the section of Knoxville that lies east of the city's downtown area and traditionally refers to the part of Knoxville east of First Creek (this creek parallels the eastern portion of downtown at Neyland Drive and James White Parkway). It is home to Zoo Knoxville, the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum, Chilhowee Park and the Beck Cultural Exchange Center. 



Bearden is a neighborhood in Knoxville located west along Kingston Pike. It was named for former Knoxville mayor and Tennessee state legislator, Marcus De Lafayette Bearden and is approximately 5 miles west of Knoxville's downtown area.


Sequoyah Hills

Sequoyah Hills is the neighborhood in Knoxville located off Kingston Pike between the city's downtown area and West Knoxville. Developed in the 1920s, it is one of Knoxville's first suburbs and contains numerous notable examples of mid-20th century residential architecture. It is also named for the Cherokee scholar Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee alphabet.


Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill is a neighborhood in west Knoxville that encompasses an area north and west of Northshore Drive, east of Wallace Road, and south of Westland Drive in the 37919 zip code.



Farragut is the town located as a suburb of Knoxville in the metropolitan area. The town is named in honor of American Civil War Admiral David Farragut who was born just east of Farragut at Campbell's Station in 1801 and includes the zip codes 37922 and 37934.


Cedar Bluff

Cedar Bluff is a major exit and thoroughfare off of I-40 which is west of West Hills and east of Farragut. It connects Kingston Pike on the south end to Middlebrook Pike on the north end. Includes 37923 and 3722.


West Hills

West Hills is a neighborhood in West Knoxville west of Bearden, closely associated with the West Town Mall. Zip codes include 37909.