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Most dogs love to socialize and play with other canine friends. Having their own special play area where they can exercise, romp and play, or just rest in a natural setting without a leash is what a dog park is all about. Dog parks in Knoxville provide a large fenced open space, sometimes divided to allow a separate area for small and large dogs and offer a variety of playground features, water fountains, plus benches for their human friends. Knoxville currently has 7 dog parks to enjoy. All but the Downtown Dog Park are within large human parks, so take your pup on a nice leash walk or run as an added treat and then enjoy some romp and play time at the dog park.

“In response to demand from residents and visitors, we have worked to make downtown Knoxville a welcoming place for dogs and dog owners. Our downtown dog park is heavily used year round, and the annual Mardi Growl parade attracts hundreds of dogs and thousands of spectators. Allowing dogs on restaurant patios downtown has been a big boon and a great addition to our local dining scene.”

Rick Emmett, Downtown Coordinator for the City of Knoxville

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