No reservations? No problem! Take your sweetheart for a hand-in-hand stroll and snuggle up on one of these idyllic seats around town. Walking dates don’t cost a thing and whether you are on your first date or 40-years in, you’ll find the opportunities for romance are endless.

Couple biking down a paved path in Lakeshore Park in Knoxville, TN
Lakeshore Park
Situated along the Tennessee River, this expansive park has plenty of places to share some candy or pop the question. A walk along the riverside path offers open fields for a sunset picnic or find your way up to the overlook where views of the Tennessee River valley include the highest peaks in the Great Smoky Mountains, some forty miles away.  You can even impress your SO with your knowledge of the peaks in the distance including Mt. Guyot at 6,621 feet, Mt. LeConte at 6,593 feet and Clingman’s Dome at 6,642 feet.

Chairs set up in a paved circle in High Ground Park in  Knoxville, TN
High Ground Park
Enjoy the peaceful 1-mile walk along a tree lined path and you’ll end at a beautiful stone overlook with red Adirondack chairs that stand out among the natural setting. Have a seat and enjoy the view! For the history buffs, this park commemorates the historic site of Fort Higley – keep an eye out for remnants of defensive emplacements such as rifle trenches and a cannon redoubt.

Hikers walk along a grassy trail Seven Islands State Birding Park in Knoxville, TN
Seven Islands State Birding Park
You’ll find an abundance of beautiful sights and sounds at the scenic 410-acre park along the French Broad River. You can spend all day observing over 190 species of birds, exploring the 8 miles of trails that weave through a diverse ecosystem. In addition to inspiring vistas, there's always the chance encounter to see a heron dive for a snack or a family of deer grazing in the fields. To get to our favorite bench at LeConte Overlook - overlooking the water and mountains -follow the Upland Loop trail to the right of the parking lot.

View of trees and a lake in Concord Park in Knoxville, TN
Concord Park
Your bench overlooking the lake awaits you midway through the greenway, a .25 mile loop that circles the soccer fields and bends around a section of Fort Loudoun Lake. Take in the reflection of the water and winter calm of the park as you enjoy the view! If your date night includes a four-legged friend or a mini-me, the park offers a playground - and a dog-park right across the street!

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