The year just flies by with such a whirlwind it can sometimes be hard to disconnect and reconnect with the ones who matter in our lives.  As the temperatures go down this fall, things can heat up – today we’ve got several ideas for romantic date nights (or mornings…or afternoons)!

First Friday

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1. First Friday

This one is good for those who struggle with remembering things on the calendar.  Good news – this one is literally the FIRST FRIDAY of every month.  No forgetting now!  Stroll the Emporium, Art Market, catch live music on the WDVX stage at the Visit Knoxville Visitors Center.  Grab a glass of wine, have some dinner.  Peruse some more – it’s one of our favorite nights of the month. Check out our handy Guide to First Friday and get going!

Kayak/Paddleboard with Knoxville Adventure Collective

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2. Kayak/Paddleboard with Knoxville Adventure Collective

Warm temperatures extend outdoor activities for much of the year here in the south.  Take advantage of our climate and enjoy paddling well into fall.  Knoxville Adventure Collective rents kayaks, standup paddleboards, and even hydro-bikes if you lack the gift of balance.  For an extra romantic touch, choose a sunset paddle or a city lights night paddle.

Ice Bears Game

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3. Ice Bears Game

The Ice Bears are the perfect opportunity to snuggle up in a chilly arena (if you bring a couple’s Snuggie we’ll do our best not to judge you).  If the game itself wasn’t fun enough, they have lots of themed nights, so take a look at their schedule and see what catches your eye (again we won’t judge you if it’s Disney Night).

Night at the Museum

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Mabry Hazen Museum Exterior

4. Night at the Museum

Time to brush up on your history – but sometimes that can be hard when most museums are open 9-5.  Mabry Hazen House is solving that problem with their Night at the Museum (sans Ben Stiller and wax figures coming to life and wreaking havoc).  Think of it as historical happy hour, typically from 6-9pm so you get a chance to explore at a time that works with your schedule.  Check their calendar for dates.

Knox Brew Tours

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5. Knox Brew Tours

This one can be fun whether you go with a group or just the two of you and meet new friends on the way.  Learn about how beer is made and sample 4 beers from 3 different breweries while riding the coolest short bus in town.  You’ll even get to see behind the scenes and ask questions about how each brewery makes their liquid gold.

Under the Stars at Navitat

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DTN - PS - Navitat

6. Under the Stars at Navitat

This one's for our adventurous couples! Navitat is a great way to get in the heart of nature, and get your heart(beat) going. Enjoy navigating obstacles that have nothing to do with your relationship - hey, maybe it will make you stronger! But seriously, it's a great way to work through all of the elements in these treetop courses. Choose from beginner, intermediate, or difficult routes and manage the challenge together. For a dose of extra romance, book an evening start time that will have you under the stars!

Picnic in the Knoxville Botanical Garden

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7. Picnic in the Knoxville Botanical Garden

Does it get any more romantic than packing a cute lunch and having a picnic?  The Knoxville Botanical Gardens are the picture-perfect setting. 

Whiskey Tour

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8. Whiskey Tour

Did you know Knoxville has two stops on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail?  We do!  Don’t just go out for a drink; try a tour and tasting at Knox Whiskey Works or PostModern Spirits.  See if you can guess each other’s favorite sample! Check out this helpful guide to Knoxville's stops on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail.

Genealogy at East Tennessee History Center

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9. Genealogy at East Tennessee History Center

We know you read that one and are thinking, well that is kind of weird, but hear us out!  The McClung Collection on the third floor of the East Tennessee History Center has incredible records, free access to, and even classes so you can get to know more about your and your sweetie’s family history together!  Seriously, go check it out, and tour the museum while you’re there.

Jazz Brunch

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Bloody Mary Drinks

10. Jazz Brunch

If this list is wearing you out and frankly you’d rather sit down and drink mimosas, we can sympathize.  (You’d be missing out if ALL you did was drink mimosas, just have to throw that in there.)  Knoxville has several places to listen to music and sip bloody marys.  Consider it a nice day date for when you’re ran ragged from Aiden’s soccer practice and Madison’s clarinet lessons all week. 

Hope these date ideas inspire you to try some new things with your love muffin, honey bear, and snookum wookums!