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Guide to Knoxville's International Cuisine

Knoxville is firmly planted in the south, and you might think all we have is southern specialties. While we do have quite a bit of that, Knoxville has a way more diverse food scene than you might think. Here’s a roundup of the deliciousness this city has to offer! Looking for European flair? We’ve…

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New in Knoxville

Psst…Did You Miss These Openings? Keeping track of what’s new in the world of restaurants, shops, and attractions is a near impossible task, especially if you haven’t visited Knoxville in while. This post highlights just a few of this year’s openings throughout the county that you might have missed…

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Top Hot Dogs in Knoxville

This post is really just an excuse to say the phrase “hot dog blog” – enjoy! Starting with an obvious choice with hot dog in the name, Curious Dog is a must in the Old City. With over 30 options, there’s no way you won’t find a dog to fall for here. The classic Curious Dog is topped with potato…

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Top Places for Donuts in Knoxville

We’re not here to argue about the spelling of donut or doughnut, we’re here to help you find the best local treats in Knoxville (aka NOT Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme)! Whether you like cake or yeast style, we’ve got a list that covers the county so read on! View this post on Instagram…

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National BBQ Day – A Round-up of Barbecue in Knoxville

In addition to July 4 th being America’s Independence Day, it is also National Barbecue Day. Or National BBQ Day depending on what calendar you find. Wondering when to use barbecue and when to use barbeque (BBQ)? Read the difference here. But enough semantics, we want the ‘cue! We’re here to give you…

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