For some, eating gluten free is a fad or a way to control their diet, but for those who have Celiac’s or actual gluten sensitivity it is absolutely necessary.  Today we’ve rounded up some gluten free favorites in Knoxville – not an exhaustive list but this will get you started to some good eats all across town!

French Market

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Gluten-free dessert crepes from The French Market

1. French Market
The French Market has two locations, one downtown and the other in Farragut.  Expect to find crepes of both the sweet and savory variety.  Most of their crepes are made with flour imported from France, but they have an excellent buckwheat flour that is naturally gluten free and a gluten free batter – both made on separate griddles so you can eat without worry.  Check out the downtown menu.  Bon appetit!

Tomato Head

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Gluten free margarita pizza from Tomato Head

2. Tomato Head
You’ll see Tomato Head lots on these sorts of lists as their menu caters to veggie/vegans and other dietary needs.  They too have a downtown location and one in West Knoxville near West Town Mall.  Check out their menu which features a variety of salads, a gluten free pizza crust option, and gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Sticky Rice Cafe

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Baked Chicken with a side of broth from the Sticky Rice Cafe

3. Sticky Rice Cafe
Sticky Rice is a Laotian restaurant with namesake sticky rice (which itself isn’t gluten free but many people can still eat it without issue), but their menu has helpful indicators of what is gluten free (or can be gluten free),  vegetarian (or can be), and even items that are spicy.  Try the fried quail or chicken laab for a sample of Southeast Asian cuisine from Laos.

Good Golly Tamale

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Good Golly serving station designed on a bike frame

4. Good Golly Tamale
Tamales are traditionally made with masa harina, a special type of corn flour that is naturally gluten-free.  Check out their menu to see what they’re rolling – we’d give a recommendation but it’d really end up being all of them which kind of defeats the purpose.  If you’re heading there for lunch, get in early because nothing is worse than when the tamale you want is sold out.  ::crying emoji::

Frothy Monkey

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 Frothy Monkey

5. Frothy Monkey
Frothy Monkey is a great option when looking for gluten-free items from breakfast through dinner. Their all-day cafe is open 7am - 9pm every day. Their house made gluten-friendly bread and pastries create lots of options for gluten conscious guests. Their gluten-friendly bread can be substituted on any of their dishes, and you can follow the strikeout wheat symbol through their menu to see what can be modified for you. Notable gluten-free options on their menu are their breakfast omelettes, salads, and dinner options like Pork Barbacoa or Basil Pesto Chicken.

chili mac and cheese sunspot

6. Sunspot

If you've read our Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant blog post, you'll see a familiar (sun)spot here! Look for the handy "x" scattered throughout their menu to indicate Celiac friendly items. The Chicken Madeira with potato puree, haricot verts, and madeira sauce is guaranteed to result in a licked-clean plate. The vegan chili mac is another staple, a cozy bowl filled to the brim with beyond burger, black beans, green chile, plant-based mac & cheese, and roasted tomato.

Benefit Your Life

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Baked gluten free desserts display at Benefit Your Life

7. Benefit Your Life
If you’re in west Knoxville or Farragut and you’re a stretch too far from Mama C’s and in need of a gluten free cupcake, Benefit your Life is coming in clutch.  They have a seasonal menu but a standard array of gluten free goodies to be enjoyed year-round.

Dazzo’s Pizzeria

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Custom gluten free pizza from Dazzo's Pizza

8. Dazzo’s Pizzeria
Gluten free pizza is not a problem at Dazzo’s.  This spot on Gay Street downtown has a special cauliflower crust – check it out here on their dinner menu.

Copper Cellar

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Copper Cellar Marketplace

9. Copper Cellar West
Y’all are gonna love Copper Cellar’s menu.  They have tons of options with easy to navigate icons throughout their menu. Check out their lunch, dinner, and even Sunday brunch menus!

The Donut Theory

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Gluten free chocolate glazed donut from Donut Theory

10. The Donut Theory
It can be hard to find a gluten free donut, but The Donut Theory solves that problem.  Find their old-fashioned style glazed rings in various locations around Knoxville, follow them on social to see where you can pick up.