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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get up to the Sunsphere?
Purchase tickets online and wait for your reservation time at the base. An associate will come down to take you up. Failure to arrive on time may forfeit your reservation.

What if I am late for my reservation?
Please call the Sunsphere at (865) 314-0660. We can arrange to bring you up late, reschedule your reservation time or help answer any other questions you may have.

Can my tickets be refunded?
We are unfortunately unable to refund tickets. Please make sure you plan accordingly and with this in mind. We can always try to arrange a different reservation time or day for you. All ticket proceeds go towards The Sunsphere Fund. A fund set up to enhance the building and history of the Sunsphere.

Why do I have to pay now? It used to be free.
The 4th level observation deck was a free experience until COVID in 2020. The deck was closed and plans to reopen it were not certain. Visit Knoxville stepped in to make sure the Sunsphere can still be enjoyed by visitors and locals. Your admission price goes towards The Sunsphere Fund. Click here to learn more.

Where do I park?
The Sunsphere is located within World’s Fair Park and DOES NOT offer any on-site parking. Please see our Parking Guide for all of your options. We personally suggest the Public Parking lot here, Fort Kid or Locust Street Garage. Please do not park in the KMA visitor parking area. If you need further help please call us directly: (865) 314-0660.

Is there a restaurant in the Sunsphere?
There is currently NO restaurant located in the Sunsphere.  

Can I book a private tour?
Private Tours are offered ahead of time. Please check our Private Tour page for more information or to send in a request.

Can I host an event?
We are NOT an event space. If you are looking for the event floors please contact Sunsphere Events at (865) 922-8787.

I’ve got my dog with me, can I bring them up? 
ONLY service animals are allowed in the Sunsphere. Pets are not permitted even if tickets have already been purchased.

I’m wet from the splash pad nearby, can I still come up?
You will NOT be allowed up if you are wet from swimming or the nearby splash pad. The Sunsphere is a historic observation tower and is treated as a museum. Please plan your reservation time BEFORE going to enjoy the splash pads.

Why can’t I book between 1:30-2:30?
The Sunsphere is closed between 1:30 - 2:30 to provide our staff with a lunch hour. No tours can be booked during this time.

Please note: Please email to have your reservation time switched to a date and time we are open. If you are unable to arrive on a different date or time there will still be NO refund issued.