No, that title is not a typo… 

It’s fun to go through the “National Day” calendar, there are some generic ones like National Kitten Day or National Moon Day. But sometimes you’ll find really random ones like National Ampersand Day. As this page asks, “Who doesn’t love the fun & functional ampersand?” Ampersand FUN FACTS: 

• The ampersand used to be the last letter of the alphabet? 
• It is a ligature of “e” & “t”? That’s “et” in Latin, meaning “and”? 
• ​The plus sign is actually an ampersand? 

At first there was no way we could think of to tie this “holiday” to Knoxville…but then…how about restaurants with "&" in them? Read on for a list (in no particular order) and let us know how many you’ve been to: 

1. Stock & Barrel
Gourmet craft burgers with a widespread array of bourbons to try. You can stick to a classic cheeseburger, or branch out and try menu items like The Elvis (peanut butter, fried banana, Benton’s Bacon), The Deadhead (black bean & quinoa for the veggies), or The Greek (lamb burger with Kasseri cheese and tzatziki).


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2. Nick & J’s Café
Classic diner fare in west Knoxville is the name of the game here at Nick & J’s. It’s quite popular for breakfast, so try to get here early, especially on the weekends.

3. Harvest - Land, Sea, & Vine
Harvest is a casual to fine dining option in Bearden with a concept of a rotating menu that coincides with the change of harvest seasons and the utilization of local farmers to source many of its menu offerings.

4. Finn’s Restaurant & Tavern
An unusual find in the historic Baker Peter’s House in west Knoxville, Finn’s provides authentic Irish cuisine in a place that may or may not have ghosts!?

5. Season’s Innovative Bar & Grille
This spot in west Knoxville in Turkey Creek is a diner’s delight. An upscale feel with a menu to match, this is a great choice for someone looking for something…well…innovative.

6. Downtown Grill & Brewery
A must stop on the Ale Trail, one of Knoxville’s breweries with tales to pair with that ale. Classic pub fare and great lunch specials to grab and go or enjoy people watching on their Gay Street-facing patio.

7. Not Watson’s Kitchen + Bar Classic
American fare on the Square, this spot has a fun backstory: “Growing up…my mom loved Watson’s Department Store…I mean loved it! It seemed as if every Saturday of my youth was spent rummaging through the bargain-filled caverns of Watson’s Department Store on Market Square. We would all pile in the car and wait for the question, ‘Where are we headed?’ We knew it was coming, and, as if we had any choice in the matter, our answer was invariably ‘Not Watson’s!’”

8. Hen+Hoc Butcher & Deli
This butcher shop is the second eatery by Chef Jeffrey DeAlejandro. In addition to deli items you’ll find here, you’ll see the butcher skills at work with a visit to his foodie-centric OliBea just down the street.

9. Gavino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant
New York-style pizza is what you’ll find here at two locations in Bearden and Turkey Creek. Pro tip: get the garlic knots!

10. Water Into Wine Bistro & Lounge
Water into Wine is a hidden gem in Farragut, far west Knoxville. Expect to see a great selection of wines from around the world along with a range of tapas and fuller entrees. Hope this helped you find something new – eat, drink, & be merry!