Knoxville Entrepreneur Center has a big-idea-over-achieving-pie-in-the-sky purpose—and that is changing lives through entrepreneurship

Taking care of our people: 
Hospitality and Tourism is vital to the economic health of our community. In 2019, Knox County produced over $1 billion in direct tourism spending for a fifth straight year and $92.6 million in tax revenue (state and local). 2020 will tell a different story, but it will forever remind us of the importance of these people and these places. 

We are dedicated to creating space for big ideas—where innovation is rewarded, creativity is allowed to flourish, and everyone is welcome to join the party.  We are committed to an inclusive, accessible entrepreneurial community, where those who are willing to take risks, create opportunities, and turn dreams into action are supported and given access to the resources necessary to succeed. 

We are proud to partner with like-minded friends at Visit Knoxville to shine a bright light on the folks who shy away from the label of “entrepreneur”, but who define its very essence. We’re talking about the artists you’ve come to love, the restaurants you can’t wait to try, and the cultural leaders that make Knoxville a truly special place to live, and to visit. 

We are The Maker City. We are a hub of world-class technological innovation. We are blessed with talent and natural resources that you’ve gotta see to believe. 

And we are just getting started. 

Meet just a few of many people that make Knoxville the destination that it is. They’re “MADE FOR KNOXVILLE”; why visitors come here and why we love encouraging them to do so.

“Made for Knoxville” was initiated by the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center to elevate, connect and empower the diverse entrepreneurial community in the Knoxville region. 

Visit and tell your Knoxville entrepreneurial story; not just to our friends and neighbors, but to our friends all around the world that could, and should, look to Knoxville as a place where amazing things happen every day.