Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Every season in Knoxville is truly unique, but when summer comes to a close, you’ll find all kinds of reasons to fall in love with this artful, adventuresome city.

A woman sits on a rock outcropping on House Mountain in fall

Hike House Mountain
If you’re longing for breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains, from a spot that feels like home… take it to the House (Mountain), the highest point in Knox County with some views that will astound you! If you’ve got some energetic elementary-age kids and up, they’ll make short work of this tall trail.

Cradle of Country Music - Mural

Cradle of Country Music Walking Tour
Are your kiddos learning about different types of music in school? This is a great opportunity to teach them about country music in the state of Tennessee! Bristol is known as the “birthplace” of the genre, and Nashville is very well known for this style today, but Knoxville is known as the “cradle” where stars like Dolly Parton and Roy Acuff cut their teeth and made it big. This self-guided walking tour will take you around downtown so you can stroll at your leisure, enjoy the fall colors, and hum “Jolene” along the way.

Jumping in front of the Knoxville Mural

Finding Murals in Knoxville
Parents and caregivers are going to love this one – it’s free! We have a handy guide, walk around and find a couple or start a hunt to find them all. Get active and challenge the family to do different poses. Jump in the air, stand on one foot, make funny faces that will fill your photos with wonderful memories.

Various beers from Schulz Brau Brewing Company

Knoxville’s Ale Trail
Is it a coincidence that one of the breweries on the Knoxville Ale Trail is Last Days of Autumn? We think not. We also think of the delicious fall selections at our local breweries are going to wow you! This one might seem a bit odd…kids – at a brewery? But let us assure you, our breweries are family-friendly and you’re likely to see locals with their kids/dogs/pet rock in tow, so hang outside in the biergarten and relax! If you have no clue where to start, head to Knox Brew Hub. The team there can point you in the right direction whether you’re a fan of lagers, sours, or double IPAs. Or if you’re into Cider, stop by The Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus Cider – it’s the largest cidery taproom in the Southeast with over 40 taps to try.

Exterior of the historic Ramsey House in Knoxville, TN

Driving Tours
Prefer to discover from the comfort of your own vehicle? Choose a driving tour that aligns with your interests and put the pedal to the metal (disclaimer: please follow speed limits)! Whether you want to understand the Civil War in this area, to explore the rural communities along the French Broad River, or get to know specific neighborhoods better, we have several self-guided driving tours that are free.

Fall Trees Lakefront


Knoxville has over 85 miles of greenway to explore, so grab your stroller, roller blades, and bicycles and “start workout” on your MyFitnessPal! Head to this Guide to Greenways post for an explanation of all the things you can expect to experience along several trails throughout the city.


These suggestions merely scratch the surface and there’s way more where that came from. We guarantee you’ll FALL in love with Knoxville!