Morningside Park

Region: East
1600 Dandridge Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37915



23 acres

Just minutes from downtown, Morningside Park features a tournament-designed 18-hole disc golf course. The winding Morningside Greenway bisects the park connecting to neighborhoods along the way. Spaced along the greenway, various fitness stations offer the opportunity to enhance your workout. On your way into the park, visit the Alex Haley Heritage Square located at the northwest end of the park.

Features: greenways, bicycling, skateboarding, disc golf, soccer, playgrounds, shelters, fitness stations

Newly redesigned 18-hole tournament-level course sprawls over hilly terrain with tall shade trees and long grassy fairways.

Paved Trail: 1.6 miles
Connects: James White Greenway

Winding through Morningside Park, the greenway passes through a disc golf course and curves around sporting fields and playground area. For those that desire a more vigorous workout, fitness stations are strategically spaced along the route. Coming from Knoxville, the James White Greenway connects with the Morningside Greenway, terminating on the northwestern edge of the park at Alex Haley Heritage Square.