Fountain City Park

Region: North
117 Hotel Road
Knoxville, TN 37918



8 acres

Paved Trail: 0.3-mile loop

The heart of Fountain City features a heart-shaped duck pond with its own walking trail. Wander across the street to the main section of Fountain City Park and stroll along the paved greenway that winds past the playground, basketball court, skatepark and an array of picnic and gathering facilities.
Features: greenway, playground, basketball court, picnic area, shelter, fishing

The skatepark may lack a pool or a halfpipe, but the centerpiece of the plaza has a two-level, 7,200 square-foot paved area.


Paved Trail: 0.3-mile loop

Fountain City Greenway is located within the bustling Fountain City Park. Although this park borders a busy street, the greenway provides a tranquil walkway that weaves through tall hardwoods, crosses a small creek, and passes by the park’s natural spring.