Civil War Driving Tour

Region: Downtown
301 South Gay Street
Knoxville, TN 37902
(800) 727-8045



Knoxville was a city torn apart by the bitter divisions of the Civil War. While fighting raged between North and South, East Tennesseans were in a Civil War amongst themselves.

The Divided Loyalties Civil War Tour of Knoxville, a self guided driving tour, offers a glimpse into the turbulent years of conflict and reconciliation. Fifteen stops include the Museum of East Tennessee History, Historic Homes, Market Square, Historic Cemeteries, Forts and Museums.

For full details of the tour, stop by the Knoxville Visitors Center at 301 S. Gay Street for a brochure. By driving the tour route, visitors will see the historic cites associated with Knoxville's dramatic Civil War history.