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The Knox County Board of Health has mandated mask wearing county-wide in indoor public spaces and enclosed spaces where maintaining 6 feet of social distancing is not feasible. The regulation states the measure will remain in place until suspended.

The Knox County Board of Health has voted to close all restaurants and bars at 11 p.m. In addition, public and private gatherings are restricted to 25 people or fewer (age 12 and older) in an indoor area of 900 square feet or less. This restriction does not apply to restaurants and bars—and does not apply to places of worship, funerals, private homes, assisted living facilities, weddings or government buildings. The measures are effective now through Oct. 1 unless extended.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has extended the State of Emergency through September 30.

“COVID-19 has not taken a vacation. Our caseload is climbing and this is very serious, exactly why I extended the State of Emergency. We need every Tennessean to take personal responsibility, wear a face covering, socially distance, wash and sanitize hands. I wear a mask every day as a simple courtesy, for me to serve my neighbor and protect my family and friends, and economy build consumer confidence.”

There’s a “new normal” in place for ALL of us. As we re-open our doors it’s vital that we stay committed to being SAFE together…because safe together makes us BETTER together.

We like to think this “new normal” is more about physical distancing. As a marquee in Knoxville reads, “distance is just a test to see how far love can travel”. We know it travels far more than 6 feet, and eyes smile even behind a mask.

As we welcome the faces we love back to the places we love, we encourage you to follow the guidelines in place so we can move forward safely… together.

The information restaurants, shops and other businesses need to operate safely is being gathered on an ongoing basis by the Knoxville Chamber.

Knowing that Knoxville businesses are doing their part to operate safely helps everyone make the most informed decisions about when and where to travel.

That’s where Visit Knoxville comes in, providing access to the latest information on events as well as opportunities to experience Knoxville from home.


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As employers open their doors, businesses, no matter their size, can significantly influence our community recovery. The Knoxville Chamber has aggregated resources to assist businesses in keeping employees and consumers safe as they return to the new normal.

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You can also print English/Spanish signage related to CDC compliance for your business HERE or City of Knoxville English/Spanish signage related to CDC compliance signage HERE.