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Deliciously Creative - Uptown North

Creativity comes in many forms. That can be seen throughout Knoxville, but especially in an area locals call Uptown North. It’s north of downtown, past the Old City, where Central Street and Broadway cross – and serves as one of the best examples of how downtown continues to expand in the best way possible. This popular (dare we say pup-ular) area is home to members of Knoxville’s Maker community, great restaurants, and a quarter of the breweries on Knoxville’s Ale Trail.

Wanna make a true day of it? Start with some house-roasted coffee and a house-made bagel at K Brew on Broadway. Before you head out, stroll over to the side of the building next door for a photo in front of the Greetings from Knoxville mural. Another tempting option involves starting across the street with a gourmet breakfast bread experience at Paysan and a cup of coffee from their neighbors at Remedy Coffee. It’s especially convenient if you’d like to take time to walk through Old Gray Cemetery. This Victorian landscaped design serves as the final resting place for the many of the who’s who of Knoxville’s past. Cemetery tours (including the haunted variety) are provided by Knoxville Walking Tours. You can also jump start your day at Rami’s Café, a quintessential diner, Blossom Bowls (AKA trendy açai bowls) or The Donut Shop. Want more coffee? Head toward the colorful building that is Partial Coffee & Wine. Prefer tea? Tonya Rea’s Teas is perfectly reminiscent of grandma’s house circa 1975.

Fully caffeinated, you can now stay on foot to peruse the vintage and antique stores you’ll find nearby, including Pop Weasel Emporium, Architectural Antics, and the collection of stores at the intersection of Broadway and Central. Other fun stops just a short drive away include Lost & Found Records and Oglewood Ave., a heavenly plant boutique (make note of Harby’s Pizza & Deli as a possible lunch stop later).


Uptown North is also home to the delightfully walkable area known as Emory Place. Learn about its history inside Pivot Point Gallery, a stunning space with over 100 unique works by more than 30 contemporary artists. This 130-year-old building is on the National Registry of Historic Places and has an incredible story to tell alongside Emory Place itself. Next door, Lilienthal Gallery showcases contemporary international, national, and select local artists. The gallery offers a tasting of the global palette with artists from China, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Azerbaijan, and beyond. Vintage shopping is also an artform that can be indulged at French Fried Vintage.

Artistic creations of the beverage kind can also be found in and around Emory Place, starting with Crafty Bastard Brewery – a fun spot for traditional and “mischievous” beers. Nearby Xül Beer Company is known for incredible fruity sours, stouts and IPAs (not to mention a home run food option: the Abridged Burger Truck); cider lovers appreciate the “a-peel” of Gypsy Circus Barrelhouse, an East Tennessee original voted one of the 10 Best Cideries in the U.S. by USA Today; and just down the street, Next Level serves up a lively atmosphere centered around their signature “Volunbeer” – an obvious local favorite. Once you reach Next Level (take that as you will), you’re steps away from Yee-Haw Brewing Co., a real game-changer when it comes to watching your favorite team on the big screen. The sprawling indoor/outdoor space features a jumbotron, a beer garden with bar, an outdoor amphitheater equipped for large concerts – and a food menu for every age.

Additional dining options in this part of town run the gamut from Mexican favorites like Taqueria La Herradura, Señor Taco, La Esperanza and La Piñata Mexican Grill to southern specialties at Jackie’s Dream (be warned: the hot chicken is HOT) and dinner with a show every single night at Ale’ Rae’s Gastropub.

OK. Maybe you’re going to need more than a day in Uptown North.


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