The 9th Knoxville Asian Festival is going to be on August 28th, at the World’s Fair Park from 10AM till 6PM. We also have Knox Asian Film Festival on Aug 27th at Central Cinema.

The Asian Culture Center of TN (ACCTN) was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting culture, diversity, and unity in the community. There is so much that a community benefits from every time there is a cultural event organized. People not only develop an open mind about other people and their cultures but also the host community becomes a center of interest for individuals and organizations looking to boost the economic capacity of that particular community. Therefore, as a highly focused organization interested in developing cultural diversity and understanding in our Tennessee community, we have strongly focused in popularizing the Asian culture, which has grown popular in the area.

9th Knoxville Asian Festival on August 28, 2022 from 10 am to 6pm at the World’s Fair Park. Similar to previous years, the 2022 Asian Festival features authentic traditional food vendors representing Asian Cultures such as Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistani  and Vietnam. 

Asian Cultural Parade starts at 10AM at water fountain on the park lawn and ends at 10:30AM at Amphitheater stage. Our new projects this year is to sing "We are the World" after the parade.  Clayton-Bradley Academy in Maryville will bring student Orchestra.

We are especially proud of the featured performance art that includes traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thailand, and Indian, Indonesia Japan and Philippine dance & music. 

For the first time, Indonesia traditional Music, Angklung, one of the most famous instruments of Indonesia is made up of a number of bamboo tubes fixed on a bamboo frame will be performed.

We also showcase various martial arts demonstrations, Thailand Traditional Dancers from Washington DC, K-Pop and J-Pop performances, Kimono Show, a bonsai exhibition, a cosplay contest, Japanese tea ceremony, and Japanese drummers Taiko Drum group from Disney World, Korean Fan Dancers from GA. You can learn Japanese summer dance. Many of our artists travel to Knoxville from all over the country and from various Asian countries to participate in this year’s festival. 1,250 seats will be available under the Amphitheater tent for the big stage performances. 

The Asian Festival also includes a strong educational component. We recently implemented “Asian World,” where visitors travel through various booths that are named after Asian cultural interactive activities and featuring traditional foods and art for each one. Children and adults will receive a stamp on their festival passport for each cultural booth visited. Everyone is encouraged to visit all cultural booths to learn about the diversity of cultural traditions.

Another new project this year is an Asian Film Festival at Central Cinema  on August 27th. We will show 
1, THE documentary Far East Deep South that zoomed in on the 1882 Chinese Eclusion Act and its profound impact on generations. It’s an eye opening film
2,Taiwan Documentary "Pakadavai" which you can learn about Taiwan tribes.
3, Rashomon Rashomon was the first Japanese film to receive a significant international reception
4, Memories of Murder  is a 2003 South Korean crime thriller film co-written and directed by Bong Joon-ho. 
5, The Kingdom of Dreams and madness is Documentary of Studio Giburi.

Check Central Cinema website.

Please Register for FREE Festival today for your chance to win ONE FREE RAMEN Bowl from the Ramen bones food truck who serves authentic Japanese Ramen noodle. 30 registered participants will be selected at random.

Knox Asian Festival