Premier holistic information security provider to host national security conference in Knoxville, Tennessee

        KNOXVILLE, Tenn. June 30, 2016 – Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, an information security firm that protects, detects and responds to threats against the sensitive data and IT environments of organizations around the world, will host the EDGE2016 Security Conference from October 18-19 at the Crowne Plaza in Knoxville.

EDGE2016 is an emerging, world-class conference which brings business and security professionals together to work through complex business security problems to find real-world solutions. In addition to compelling keynote addresses from some of the brightest minds within the community, there will be specific discussions and topical roundtables led by industry experts tasked with the goal of solving real security problems.

 “As a trusted security partner to our customers and our presence in the markets we serve, Sword & Shield is in the unique position in this region to host a conference like EDGE2016,”said John McNeely, president of Sword & Shield Enterprise Security. “One of our goals for the conference is to bring together information security practitioners and business leaders truly for the betterment of the security community. We can all agree that educating ourselves about the potential risks facing companies today is important.  But, isn’t it time to go beyond education and actually solve the problems? EDGE2016 provides the perfect environment for the type of innovation and collaboration that moves the conversation forward to action.”

Keynote speakers at the conference include Theresa Payton, former White House CIO, cybersecurity authority and expert on identity theft and the Internet of Things (IoT); and Kevin Poulsen, a former hacker once wanted by the FBI turned cyber security expert and currently the editor at Wired.

“We’re very excited to have Kevin and Theresa on board,” said McNeely. “Their experience and insight are invaluable. With the support of the security industry and our community sponsors, we are also building a great lineup of session speakers and facilitators from highly respected security organizations. We want people who attend to walk away feeling like they not only know more about the security challenges we all face, but how to address them and ensure their property is secure.”

A call for speakers and sponsors is expected to go out soon, with opportunities for interested professionals and business entities to be a part of the conference in a variety of ways.

Early registration discounts are going on now through August 15. Educators and students discounts are also available.

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About EDGE2016

EDGE2016 Security Conference is the inaugural offering of the annual EDGE Security Conferences presented by Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc. EDGE2016 is focused on exploring real-world solutions to today’s toughest cybersecurity challenges. Dedicated to advancing the security industry through comprehensive world-class sessions, EDGE2016 is designed to educate business professionals and encourage information security professionals to openly discuss the issues that are facing their industry to foster a community of creative problem solvers. To learn more, visit


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