Baker Creek Preserve

A recreation area within Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness

Located about 3 miles from downtown Knoxville, Baker Creek Preserve is one of the most popular trailheads in the Urban Wilderness.  Baker Creek Preserve offers several unique experiences.  From exploring Gateway Park Greenway and Play Forest, to challenging your skills at the bike park, there are options for all types of users.

Boasting two paved pump tracks and a paved jump line the Baker Creek Bike Park, Baker Creek Preserve is a favorite for riders of all ages, and can be ridden when other trails are too wet. This park has 3 Downhill Mountain Bike trails along with 5 multiuse trails. The park hosts 8 miles of trail, and connects to the other 52 miles of trails in the network. 

For those that want to explore the area along the Baker Creek Greenway, there are skills areas for mountain bikers and a nature-based playground connecting through Gateway Park.

NOTE: The Bike Park will be closed for routine maintenance on Monday mornings 7am-9am. If City is closed on the Monday or unable to complete work due to inclement weather, the closure will be on Tuesday morning 7am-9am.

Entrance: 3700 Lancaster Drive

Park Size: 100 acres
Natural Trails: 8 miles
Type: single track and double track
Difficulty: easy to advanced

Features: kid-friendly, playground, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, leashed dogs, restrooms

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Trailhead Parking: 3700 Lancaster Drive

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Directions: Take I-40 to the James White Parkway south across the TN River.  Look for the left turn with Knoxville Urban Wilderness signs.  Parking is available here at Gateway Park and Along Tilson Street. Follow the Greenway south to Baker Creek Preserve.


Trail names at Baker Creek Preserve reflect the terrain and history of the property. Devil’s Racetrack and Floyd Fox pay homage to the days of moonshine in south Knoxville. The Barn Burner Downhill trail terminates at the location of the old barn on the property. Sycamore Loop winds through some of the largest native trees in the area. Cruze Valley Run descends into the valley located in the heart of the property at a wide-open meadow between the two ridges, and Pappy’s Way, the trail up to Pappy’s Point, is in thanks to the property donor.


There are 5 multi use trails at Baker Creek Preserve.  These trails offer all trail users access along the valley and to the top of both high points in the park.  These also allow access to the starting points of the 3 downhill trails on this property.


The below trails are downhill directional mountain bike trails — no uphill traffic allowed! Mountain bikes only, no foot traffic or dogs allowed.


Downhill Mountain Biking is an extreme sport with inherent danger and is a significantly different than multi-use trail riding.  These trails contain natural and constructed technical features that require constant physical and mental effort including jumps, mandatory drops, steep grades, and rough texture.

  • Downhill trails are not intended for novice riders, even with significant trail riding experience
  • Do not determine your downhill skill level based on multi-use trail ability - they are rated on different scales
  • Obey all signs
  • Ride within your abilities - user assumes all risks
  • Full face helmets, pads and other safety equipment are strongly recommended
  • No hiking or riding uphill is allowed on downhill trails.