Hiking in the Urban Wilderness

Over 60 miles of natural surface trails within Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness provide unparalleled hiking experience for adventurers of all skill levels. A variety of terrain and destinations creates great views, great adventures and the chance to return again and again for a new experience. There are fourteen trailhead destinations within the Urban Wilderness, each with their own unique characteristics and offerings. 

The majority of these trails are multi-use natural surface, either packed dirt or crushed rock, but some short connections are on paved greenway or streets.  Several miles of hiking, foot traffic only trails can be found at Ijams Nature Center, Mead’s Quarry, and High Ground Park. 

Restrooms and water are available at Ijams Nature Center and the Ijams Quarries.  Water stations are available spring through fall at the Helix Trailhead and the end Marj McClean trail leaving William Hastie Natural Area.