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Explore Knoxville with Your Furry Friend: Dog-Friendly Activities, Restaurants, and Hotels Await!

A Nature-Loving-Adventure-Seeking-Belly-Scratching-Kinda-Town

Knoxville has gone to the dogs - literally!  There's no better place to bring your furry best friend than Scruffy City.  Knoxville is known for its southern hospitality to human folk, but we love and cater to our four-legged friends as well.  

Throughout Knoxville you will find welcoming signs for your dog like fresh bowls of water just waiting to be lapped, dog-friendly events, and plenty of area parks for your pooch to roam free. Knoxville is most definitely the perfect playground for your furry family member to explore mountaintops, trails and enjoy splashing in the area "watering holes."

They can sniff out delicious unique cuisine or local craft breweries with dog-friendly patios for you and your pal to enjoy together. Your companion will get plenty of exercise too exploring the very walkable downtown

Visiting Knoxville with your pooch has never been easier or more fun!

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