Reservation Hotline: 800 256 4024
Reservation Hotline: 800 256 4024

Visit Knoxville
Housing System

The Visit Knoxville Housing System offers an online reservation technology designed to simplify the booking process for sporting events. For team based events, athletes and parents have the ability to book rooms directly within their team’s group block at their specific hotel. For individual athlete events and fan blocks, participants are able  to compare multiple hotel options and book their chosen room – all in one place.



  • Webpage tailored specifically to a sporting event
  • Customized links or team codes for access to each teams’ individual group block
  • 24/7 system access, allowing for players and parents to book rooms and submit changes when convenient to them
  • Ability to track and manage real-time room pick-up
  • Post event pick-up reports from individual hotels and overall event inventory