Visit Knoxville
Housing System

The Visit Knoxville Housing System (powered by Meetingmax) offers an online reservation technology designed to improve the booking process for groups staying in Knoxville. Streamline your event’s hotel reservations by allowing your attendees to explore available hotels, compare rates and amenities, and book their rooms all in one central place. Your event attendees will no longer have to search through various sites and worry about getting the best available rate.


Benefits of the Visit Knoxville Housing System Include:

  • Webpage tailored specifically for your group
  • Reservation panel with customizable filter options (distance, amenities, rate, etc.)
  • Main block and sub block capability for specific segments within your group
  • 24/7 system access, allowing for attendees to book rooms and submit changes when convenient
  • Ability to track and manage real time pick-up
  • Increased pick up and minimized attrition risk
  • Post event pick up reports for your records