Weigel House & Cruze Farm Creamery

Region: Downtown
2721 Asbury Road
Knoxville, TN 37915



The columned brick Victorian home known as the Weigel House dates to 1890. It was one of the better-known homes of the Weigel family, who immigrated from Germany in the 19th century and were prominent in the dairy business, both in East and North Knox County, for generations. The house became an ice-cream shop of Cruze Farm Dairy 2017. Although the Cruze family, who have earned some national attention for their dairy products, established what's now their well-known farm farther east, in Riverdale, they were associated with the Asbury area before 1973.

This is the perfect stopping point on the tour; a little over halfway and there's ice cream involved! Relax on the porch with a "churn", and if you're really hungry, you can get a pie at the Cruze Farm Pizza Barn next door. If you're in a hurry, swing through their drive-thru for soft serve to go.