Sterchi Hills Park

Region: North
1145 Dry Gap Pike
Knoxville, TN 37918
(865) 215-6600
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12 acres

Connects: Sterchi Hills Greenway and Tommy Schumpert Park

The Sterchi Hills Soccer Complex abuts the northeast end of Tommy Schumpert Park, off Rifle Range Road, while the playground, tennis, and basketball courts reside on Dry Gap Pike a couple miles west. Connecting these two is the scenic 2-mile Sterchi Hills Greenway.
Features: greenway, bicycling, skateboarding, soccer, basketball, tennis, playground, accessible, picnic area, shelter, restrooms


Paved Trail: 2.1 miles linear

From flat to gently rolling hills, the Sterchi Hills Greenway stretches from the west end of Sterchi Hills Park all the way to the east end of Tommy Schumpert Park. The middle section of this scenic corridor runs along gently rolling hills that parallel a power line cut.