Riverdale Mill

Region: Downtown
2929 Wayland Road
Knoxville, TN 37915



Built in 1850, Riverdale Mill, a wheat and corn grinding facility that was once central to this community, is one of relatively few historic mills remaining in Knox County. It was run by the "Seceder" James Kennedy family for many years but was bought and sold many times. The locally well-known Frazier family ran it in the 20th century and finally closed it down in 1952, long after the heyday of the grist mill. It was empty or used for storage for more than 30 years until a new owner tried to revive it as a mill and make it a community showplace. Riverdale was known by that name by 1874, when the U.S. Post Office designated a Riverdale P.O.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a private residence with no public parking.