Norris Watershed

Region: Regional
2121 Norris Freeway
Norris, TN 37705



The Norris Watershed Trails are a favorite of hikers, runners, mountain bikers and equestrians. Trail system consists of just under 30 miles of a mixture of singletrack and old dirt/gravel roadbeds. Winding on both sides of Lower Clear Creek Rd, trails begin just past the 18th century Rice Grist Mill and Crosby Threshing Barn. Old homesteads and cemeteries are prevalent throughout the area. One of the Watershed's best features is it's ability to dry quickly after inclement weather making this the place to go when other trails are soggy. From moderate to strenuous, the trails snake up and over the hills and wind along the eastern shore of Norris Lake, offering spectacular views of the lake and its surrounding hills and valleys. From Highpoint Trail you can connect with the lake loop of the Norris Dam State Park Trails. When traveling along the old roads, be on the watch for occasional vehicular travel.

city of norris

Telephone: 865-494-7645

Park Size: 2,300 acres
Length: 30 mile trail system
Type: single track, old roads
Difficulty: moderate to strenuous
Norris Dam State Park
Norris Dam State Park Trails
River Bluff Small Wild Area

Entrance: 2121 Noris Freeway, Norris
Directions: From I-75, take exit 122, Hwy 61 and head east. Turn left on Norris Freeway, Hwy 441 and go 2.9 miles. The parking area is across the street from the Lenoir Museum. To get to the trails, go left out of the parking lot and take the 1st road to the right. Continue on Lower Clear Creek road out to Highpoint Trail.