Lonsdale Park

Region: North
2705 Stonewall Street
Knoxville, TN 37921



4 acres

Paved Trail: 0.3-mile loop

A paved greenway weaves through Lonsdale Park, passing by the basketball court, picnic shelters, and play areas. The bridge takes you over the Lonsdale Creek to another play area. The park is adjacent to the Lonsdale Elementary School and the Lonsdale Recreation Center.

Features: greenway, bicycles, skateboards, basketball, playgrounds, picnic area, shelter


Paved Trail: 0.3-mile loop

The Lonsdale Greenway is designed for neighborhood residents to enjoy while visiting Lonsdale Park. The greenway connects Lonsdale Elementary School to the Lonsdale Recreation Center located at the other end of the park.