J.C. Holdway

Region: Downtown
501 Union Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 312-9050



J.C. Holdway restaurant is named after Chef Joseph Lenn's late uncle, Joseph Charles Holdway, or “Uncle Joe,” as Lenn called him.

It is our goal at J.C. Holdway to provide a quality, unforgettable experience, one that would never disappoint Uncle Joe. Opening J.C. Holdway in his hometown of Knoxville has been a dream of Lenn’s since he started his professional career.

By using wood-fire techniques, Lenn’s restaurant provides a nod to cooking in an old-world way. While the restaurant uses the latest in wood-fire capabilities, Lenn was inspired by the ways of rural Appalachia before today’s modern conveniences were available. Additionally, he believes that the flavor the wood imparts to the food is something that cannot be recreated by gas or electric cooking and that it further elevates the dish. Lenn created J.C. Holdway with the intention of providing more than just a place to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Instead, we plan to cater to those who want a quality meal for any occasion.