Ebony & Ivory Brewing

2300 North Central Street
Knoxville, TN 37917



Ebony & Ivory Brewing came to fruition in 2017 when Chico Dupas and Mitchell Russell began to instill a greater effort and focus into their passion for others and brewing beer. Crafting beers of all varieties, E&I focused attention on ways to build inclusivity, diversity and counterculture communities through their approachable beers. Sharing the products with friends, beer festivals, beer collaborations and brewing competitions, they began to see how E&I's mission impacts others in a way they felt was seemingly ordained. With these organic steps, the two began searching for a building to showcase a taproom and onsite brewery. Early 2021, Ebony & Ivory signed a lease on a building on N Central near their brothers, Elst Brewing Co. While the building is still under construction, E&I has centered it's focus on community development, collaborations and outlining distribution for when they open. Projected opening of Spring of 2022, E&I will be anxiously awaiting opportunities to serve it's Knoxville community with a diverse, hand crafted beers.