Asbury Cemetery

Region: Downtown
5100 Asbury Cemetery Road
Knoxville, TN 37915



Although not nearly as old as the Lebanon-in-the-Forks graveyard, Asbury Cemetery is also historic and is the site of one of the most remarkable gravestones in Knox County. Pete Kreis, scion of a prominent local family involved in the marble trade, was a dashing young racecar driver in the days of open cockpits when both driver and his mechanic would share the ride. In 1934, Kreis qualified for the nationally popular Indianapolis 500. He was there at the famous Brickyard on a practice run when his car skidded off the track at a curve. The accident is depicted in a remarkable carving that shows the entire Brickyard and Kreis's car at the point where it left the track. The carver of the stone was Knoxville's most notable stone carver, Italian immigrant Albert Milani, who also carved the large eagles on the post-office building downtown.