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Vintage Base Ball Games

2614 Thorn Grove Pike
Knoxville, TN 37915
2614 Thorn Grove Pike
Knoxville, TN 37915

(865) 546-0745

  • Date(s): August 10, 2019 to August 10, 2019
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Historic Ramsey House

The Tennessee Association of Vintage Base ball was established in 2012 to entertain and educate our communities by recreating the civility of 19th century base ball.

Join the fun while experiencing America’s game as it was played in 1864. This free public event is enjoying its 5th season and Historic Ramsey House is proud to be a part of this historic reenactment.  The players play by 1864 rules, wear period uniforms and our local Knoxville teams bare the names of actual teams that existed in Knoxville during that time. The Knoxville Holstons and Emmett’s Machinists play other vintage league teams from around the state.  

The league has been in existence for 5 years and has grown from two teams to somewhere close to 15.


2019 Vintage Base Ball at Historic Ramsey House Schedule:


April 13th:


11:00am Scouts vs. Holstons 


1:00pm Scouts vs. Machinists


3:00pm Travellers vs. Holsons


April 27th: 


11:00am Phoenix vs. Holstons


1:00pm Phoenix vs. Machinists


3:00pm Cumberlanders vs. Machinists


May 4th:


11:00am Distillers vs. Holstons


1:00pm Distillers vs. Machinists


3:00pm Quicksteps vs. Holstons


June 15th: 


12:00pm Mountain City vs. Holstons


2:00pm Lightfoot vs. Machinists 


August 10th:


11:00am Maroons vs. Holstons


1:00pm Maroons vs. Machinists


3:00pm Farriers vs. Machinists

Vintage Base Ball Games