WhyKnox is a podcast highlighting folks that make Knoxville a wonderful place to live. From luminaries to behind the scenes people that make this town great. Tune in to hear their ties to Knoxville, and what they like most about the city.

WhyKnox is hosted by Jody Collins of Feral Giant (https://www.feralgiant.com). Collins has his own long running podcast, Ramblin’ Man (https://www.facebook.com/RamblinManPod), where he interviews people knowledgeable in a topic, but they allow the conversation to meander wherever it may go. Collins tapped local musician Adeem The Artist (https://www.adeemtheartist.com) to create a custom theme for WhyKnox.

For this episode of the podcast he spoke with the Ashley Corey Wagner and Brynn Yeager of Circle Modern Dance (http://www.circlemoderndance.com) and Momentum Dance Lab (https://www.momentumdancelab.org), respectively. They talk about what got them into modern dance, what brought them to Knoxville, and the other fun stuff to do in town.

You can listen to the podcast with Ashley and Brynn below or on Libsyn. You can also go to your podcast application of choice and search for WhyKnox. Don’t forget to subscribe!