There comes a time when every outdoor parent faces the challenge of how to find that harmonious balance between getting to spend a few hours with the kids and enjoying that fabulous blue bird day immersed in appreciation of the woods and water somewhat carefree. For some, the shear thought of preparing the necessary “stuff” to make the trip enjoyable and finding a location that isn’t soulless, prefabricated plastic can be a major hurdle.

Luckily though, young children are naturally curious and avid explorers with limitless imaginations. Ants become villages to the giant. Puddles and ditches become lakes and oceans for leaf boats. Tadpoles and butterflies are like gold over Legos. Kids are the original dirt-bags. And in Knoxville, there are quite a few quick escapes where you can feed the imagination and let them swing, climb, and run all while enjoying yourself.

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