So often people talk of adventure and you think of someone hanging off a rock or shredding a gnarly trail and you think to yourself I could never do that!

So I ask you what is your adventure.

It’s so simple, but we usually don’t think about it. For some an adventure is going to the grocery store or trying to drive around a new city. For others it is jumping off of bridges or buildings. Both are an adventure and both can be in the city in which you live.

I tried a new out of my comfort zone thing for the first time last year, mountain biking. Usually when I tell people that they look at me like I might be missing part of my brain, which now I sometimes agree with them. Now, I have done many a silly thing in jobs past; get attacked by a police dog, go skateboarding with Beaver Flemming, babysit triplets… you get the gist, all an adventure or might I say an experience.

Knoxville has a lot of experiences that make us a great place to live and visit. You just have to know what you think your adventure might be, let’s list a few:

  • Shopping
  • Walking around downtown
  • Riding the trolley
  • Trying a new craft beer
  • Eating at a new restaurant
  • Tasting whiskey
  • Swimming in a quarry
  • Walking along the treetops at night
  • Taking your dog to the park
  • Listening to a new band
  • Discovering history in a new way
  • Getting a little culture at a new venue

Some of these things seem not like an adventure, but for some they are. So pick your adventure and see where it takes you! Knoxville has a lot of experiences to offer people of all different adventure comfort levels.

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