I’m often asked, “Where do you work and what to you do?”  After I answer, “I work at Visit Knoxville in Convention Services,” I usually get a look of complete confusion.  Most people aren’t really sure what that entails.  Well, we serve as a one-stop shop for coordinating all aspects of conventions, meetings and events from transportation, catering, tours, off-site receptions, permits and visitor materials.  Most of the planners that we are working with are located in various cities around the country.  While they are experts in their particular field, they often look to their Convention Services Manager to be the expert about all things Knoxville.  They are looking for a local extension to their staff; someone who will be on site during their event and who will assist them with all aspects of preparation.

We partner with our clients to make sure we are helping them meet their goals and objectives for the meetings they are planning.   We work hard to offer their participants a unique and memorable experience while they are in Knoxville and to educate our clients on all of the options available. While this can prove to be a large undertaking, the opportunities to put our city's stamp on an event is immeasurable and when our  Convention Services team goes above and beyond,  it can provide repeat business for our city.