It is week 9 of the Knoxville Mural Project and we are on the home stretch as we enter the final stages of the mural!


Details, details, details is all that can be said to describe this week’s work. One of the most important details being added within the next few days is a monument that will proudly display the artists’ names as well as the title of the mural itself! There have been many levels of dimension being added to the already existing pieces of the mural this week including shading of the World’s Fair Park Amphitheatre and figure shadows and paddlewheel splash on the Tennessee Riverboat. There will be 2 bicyclists added to the bottom left of the mural as well as actual musical notes of the world famous “Tennessee Waltz” coming from the wailing saxophone player! With all this beauty being added, you must be wondering when you’ll be able to get your first “unobstructed” view. We’ve got great news! The scaffolding is set to come down soon as the artists finalize the piece. It won’t be long now so stay tuned!